If you are contemplating attaining a new piece of recycling equipment, we have many finance options to suit any customers’ needs. We can provide you with all our recycling machinery prices for outright purchasing, lease or rental options.

1.    Outright Purchase Recycling Machinery

If money is no problem then you could opt for an outright purchase and with the HMRC incentive of Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) having been permanently increased to £200,000.00 from January 2016, there has never been a better time to buy.  The AIA means that you can claim your ENTIRE expenditure on qualifying items, up to £200,000.00, against this allowance, THUS REDUCING YOUR TAX BILL…That’s got to be good for any of us!!!


2.    Recycling Machinery Lease Deals

For a lot of businesses it makes financial sense to use a Finance Company and Lease New Equipment.  This not only saves your capital and improves your cash flow for other essential business expenses such as stock, wages, advertising etc but the monthly payments you make are treated like rental payments which are an allowable business expense.  Therefore if your business is making profits you could reduce the amount of profit by the amount of the rentals you pay each year which in turn reduces your tax bill.


3.  Recycling Machinery For Hire / Rent

Depending on whether you are looking for a NEW or REFURBISHED cardboard / plastic baler or compactor, we also have the ability to offer a HIRE/RENTAL package to suit your needs. With our own fleet of machines on our books we are capable of offering SHORT or LONG term hire/rental packages.

Your accountant will be able to advise you more on any of the above options. Please Note: Mardon does not provide finance itself and is not a lender, we operate under a credit broker licencing scheme. We offer Regulated Consumer Hire Agreements and retain the right to exercise the owner’s rights and duties under such agreements. Title of hired or rented equipment will remain the property of Mardon throughout the term agreed.

Looking for Recycling Machinery Prices and Advice?

So, if you’re interested in any of our equipment, finance packages or need more advise, give our friendly and helpful team a call on 01769 572191 or 0800 587 3028. We have a wide range of options to consider as well as stock equipment and packages that suit a range of different needs. We also have a stock of second-hand equipment available for shorter term hires.