An Innovation of Technology…Not to Be Wasted…

The RP8 P9 is part of our comprehensive range of static and portable compactors, which is ideal for wet waste and now also features our latest innovation of technology…

Available, as standard, is our “Mardon Smart Monitoring System” allowing automatic notification and remote supervision of the system, eliminating the need for personnel to report on fill levels and issues.

This clever piece of technology creates an automatic alert, as to the container fill levels, when it is 50%, 75% & 100% full and has to be emptied which can be sent to the customer or their waste management companies as a prompt to collect full containers automatically, as and when required…no more chase up emails required! Furthermore, It also sends messages when errors occur, or when maintenance is required.

Has this got your interest?

The compactors control system features an integrated modem, in which a standard SIM card* is used. The system informs the customer, or waste management company directly, when the containers are to be emptied; the system also informs the service company when the next service is required, or when faults occur. Advance warning by the system, which has the capacity to store 4 different groups, each with up to 10 email addresses, ensuring that any underlying faults can be dealt with before they become serious and nobody is left out of the communications.

All inputs are monitored, analysing which components, switches etc. are active and which are not. In this way, any errors can be found quickly, either directly on the machine or via a technician accessing the compactors control system over the internet to see where the cause of the failure lies. Simple errors can be dealt with in situ remotely, reducing the cost of basic repairs.

Another prominent new feature of the electronic control system is the easily understandable and user-friendly remote service interface. The system allows selection of up to 4 additional setups that are already programmed in the controller to achieve an optimum level of compression with different materials e.g. the pressing of plastic, cardboard, organic waste or residual waste, with each setup configuration altering key operating characteristics to suit the material being processed.

This is simply the innovation of the year…. sit back and let Mardon compactors do the hard work

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