Delivery of Over 400 RamPack 60 Balers to a Major UK High Street Retailer

Managing Director, Dennis Henry of Mardon Group and Gene McConnon, Sales Manager, MacFab are pictured at the handing over of a consignment of over 400 RamPack 60 Balers for a major UK High Street Retailer.


400 RamPack 60 Balers

Over 100 Rampack 60’s have now been installed with this client who since has seen significant increases in their recycling and vast reductions in their costs with the removal of waste bins etc.

The baled material is now back hauled to the clients Distribution Centres where they are re-baled into mill size bales to maximise revenue.


Mr Henry said:

“Mardon are proud to have won this order which was a result of many months of negotiations in what has become a very competitive environment.

Customer service was a key factor in the tender process and we look forward to continuing to provide our client with the highest level of service that they have come to expect and for which Mardon are renowned. We say what we do and we do what we say.”


RamPack 60 Balers

The RamPack 60 Balers are renowned for the compaction and baling of cardboard, plastics and food.

Its main features are that they are suitable for positioning where storeroom space is limited and ideal for small to medium volumes of waste.

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