Engineers on the road

Mardon can provide cost effective and thorough service programmes that will keep your purchase at the peak of its performance throughout its life with our factory trained engineers who ore strategically situated around the UK.

Below is one of our brand new fully equipped service vehicles with our new 2013 logos.


Exciting times at Mardon

Here at Mardon we are proud to introduce our new Trojan fully automatic range of baling machines. Mardon have secured an exclusive contract with our German manufacturer. With their innovative design and new technology we feel the range
will provide unrivalled performance and efficiency.

The range consist of machines capable of baling from 2-12 tonnes per hour.

  • Small footprint
  • low noise levels
  • Easy to move and relocate due to standard “hook lift” frames
  • German engineeringblogimage

Sales director Dennis Henry says
“we are confident that the addition of the Trojan fully automatic range will complement and enhance the Mardon range of balers and their innovation gives Mardon a competitive edge’.

Utilising advanced servicing technology, the new Trojan fully automatic range is designed to need a minimum of maintenance.

So, when the time comes, it’s important to know it is serviced by our highly trained service engineers who understand the technology and innovation of the new Trojan fully automatic range. As Mardon are the sole UK supplier of this range, Mardon can provide cost effective and thorough service programmes that will keep your purchase at the peak of its performance throughout its life with our factory trained engineers who are strategically situated around the UK.

Call 0800 587 3028 for more details.


Trojan Fully Auto Balers

Trojan Fully Autos go from strength to strength at Mardon

Following the recent introduction of our new fully auto range MARDON are now able to provide a baling solution for most applications.

A Trojan horizontal tie machine was recently installed in The Midlands at a DC of one of Staticthe UK’s largest retailers.

With it’s small foot print and high throughput the Trojan Fully Auto range can be installed at sites where space is a premium and volume is high.

As with all MARDON equipment the Trojan Fully Auto range can be purchased outright, leased or rented on a MARDON RENTAL program where you can benefit from our cost effective service programmes.

We are so excited about these machines so if you are in the market for a fully auto call us for more information as we’re sure you will be too!

Call 0800 587 3028 for more details.