Businesses and Landfill Tax

What is landfill tax and how does it effect my business?

Read my ‘Businesses vs Landfill Tax’  blog and discover the true benefits of recycling in your workplace.

Now, we all know that recycling is the thing to do, but how many of us really and truly consider our carbon footprint? How many small, medium and large scale businesses really think about the impression they are leaving upon the landscape – the environment? I won’t answer that, as it is nigh on impossible to answer definitively, and all we can do is begin to acknowledge and take responsibility for our actions. Ours is a society of excess, of abundance, of growth, economy and grandeur, though we may not think it. With 51.1% of waste still going into landfills, the 48.9% we do recycle is still not good enough: we need to do more.

And that is not to say change the world. I’m not here to start the revolution (yet), but perhaps what is important is to start thinking about taking small steps to being a green, carbon neutral business who do what they can to reduce waste. Besides, recycling more can actually benefit your business into saving money, believe it or not.

So, back to Landfill Tax. Landfill Tax is a tax on the disposal of waste. It aims to encourage waste producers to produce less waste, recover more value from waste, for example through recycling or composting and to use more environmentally friendly methods of waste disposal. Landfill Tax is charged on all waste disposed of by way of landfill or at a licensed landfill site unless specifically exempt. For more information visit HMRC.

So, we are encouraged to produce less waste, but that doesn’t mean we do it.

The environmental problems caused by landfills are numerous and fall mainly into two categories: atmospheric and hydrological.

According to the EPA (the Environmental Protection Agency), the methane produced by the rotting organic matter in unmanaged landfills is 20 times more effective than carbon dioxide at trapping heat from the sun (this is bad news). Not only does methane get produced by the various forms of rotting organic matter that find their way into landfills, but household cleaning chemicals often make their way there as well. The mixture of chemicals like bleach and ammonia in landfills can produce toxic gases that can significantly impact the quality of air in the vicinity of the landfill.

Landfills also create a toxic soup of industrial and home-cleaning chemicals. People throw away everything from industrial solvents to household cleaners which naturally end up in landfills, and these chemicals accumulate and mix over time. Something we should really worry about – and I mean really – is for the welfare of the wildlife that comes into contact with these chemicals, and it is not uncommon for animals to suffer inconceivably painful deaths resulting from chemical contamination. British Wildlife is what keeps our ecosystem alive, we cannot afford to lose them.

Where I sit, in a first floor flat in Arnold Circus, Shoreditch, I am 14.9 miles away from a landfill site. If I wanted to go there, it would take me 48 minutes. I don’t know about you, but on a hot day like today, with the sun shining and only a little breeze, the people of Rainham in Essex must be having a Hell of a time.

Now, I’m not one to judge, and I’m normally not one to discriminate, but something must be done. I’m not here to give you all of the answers, but I am here to ask you to consider one: Mardon Recycling.  They are here to help businesses not only reduce your carbon footprint, but save you money on landfill tax by simply recycling cardboard, plastic bottles and glass. You never know, it could make all the difference.

UK Landfill Site
UK Landfill Site





As always Mardon offer the latest innovative technology at affordable prices!!!

So for reliability and peace of mind give the MARDON team a call for a quote today!!!

MARDON has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Waste Handling and Recycling Equipment, offering an unsurpassable choice of machinery to suit every need. Our superior range consist of plastic balers, cardboard balers, mill size balers, semi and fully-automatic balers and our new variety of perforators!!!

MARDON supply high quality, reliable machinery at affordable prices to benefit every type of business. MARDON takes pride in treating every customer individually, tailoring our deals to suit your needs. With our new rental rates and bespoke packages, we represent better value for money than ever before!!

We believe our RAMPACK BEAST to be ‘Future Proof’. It has been designed to fulfil the needs of today AND the demands of tomorrow. It has adaptable L/R-hand side controls, doors and hopper, as well as L/R-hand side hydraulic connections to add conveyors or bin tippers etc. Specifically designed to meet your needs the new RamPack 50T Beast offers a more affordable and compact way to reduce costs and increase profitability!!

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Proud to be working with Abba…

Mardon are proud to be working with Abba, one of the largest suppliers of baling presses in Germany


The team at Mardon are proud to announce that we are now the only supplier of Abba Pressentechnik machines in the UK, supplying the full range of Channel Baling Presses and the full range of accessories and extras for channel baling. Check out our website for regular updates, or take a look at the latest vertical and horizontal presses we have on offer.

We look forward to a long working relationship with Abba.


NEW !!!! FOR 2014

MARDON are proud to introduce our new range of portable compactors. The range comprises of chain and hook lifts models of all the popular sizes. This new range combines modern design with robust construction and innovative controls featuring remote controlling and fault diagnosis via SMS TEXTING!!

As with all the equipment in the MARDON range cutting – edge technology underpins this new addition. MARDON are constantly striving to source machines, which have intelligent innovation at their roots.

We feel that with yet another addition to the Rampack range this gives MARDON a unsurpassed variety of waste machinery and now more for than ever the MARDON team are the people to contact for your waste compaction requirements.

So whether it’s a compactor, a 30kg baler or a fully automatic to process 20 tonne an hour you require give the MARDON team a call


Mardon Recycling helping Charities put something back into schools

Mardon Charty Blog header

Mardon Recycling are not just about recycling equipment and Balers, in our spare time we just love to help charities. Mardon are proud and passionate to be the sponsors of the Children’s Safety Education Foundation, for helping Key stage 2 Children in local schools in the South West area.

The Children’s Safety Education Foundation was established in 2004, where they work in partnership with local Schools, Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue Services, Local Authorities and a wide variety of Child Protection Agencies throughout the British Isles.

All of us at Mardon felt we wanted to engage more with the local schools giving the young people the knowledge and information they need to help them grow and make the informed choices about the things that can threaten their everyday life’s from drugs, alcohol, bullying and anti-social behaviour.

The children link their academic work in combination with lots of physical activities at safety events helping the children make the informed decisions they will use throughout their adult life.

Mardon will now be a sponsor that has helped the charity to support over two and a half million young people with safety education and training.

We all know that the problems of children today cannot be cured overnight but with our help at Mardon we hope to change the culture of future generations.

We encourage all our employees and local and National communities to further enhance some social good, by doing their bit for charity too, whether its giving a donation or just some of their time.

Click on the link below to view our certificate


Engineers on the road

Mardon can provide cost effective and thorough service programmes that will keep your purchase at the peak of its performance throughout its life with our factory trained engineers who ore strategically situated around the UK.

Below is one of our brand new fully equipped service vehicles with our new 2013 logos.


Exciting times at Mardon

Here at Mardon we are proud to introduce our new Trojan fully automatic range of baling machines. Mardon have secured an exclusive contract with our German manufacturer. With their innovative design and new technology we feel the range
will provide unrivalled performance and efficiency.

The range consist of machines capable of baling from 2-12 tonnes per hour.

  • Small footprint
  • low noise levels
  • Easy to move and relocate due to standard “hook lift” frames
  • German engineeringblogimage

Sales director Dennis Henry says
“we are confident that the addition of the Trojan fully automatic range will complement and enhance the Mardon range of balers and their innovation gives Mardon a competitive edge’.

Utilising advanced servicing technology, the new Trojan fully automatic range is designed to need a minimum of maintenance.

So, when the time comes, it’s important to know it is serviced by our highly trained service engineers who understand the technology and innovation of the new Trojan fully automatic range. As Mardon are the sole UK supplier of this range, Mardon can provide cost effective and thorough service programmes that will keep your purchase at the peak of its performance throughout its life with our factory trained engineers who are strategically situated around the UK.

Call 0800 587 3028 for more details.


Trojan Fully Auto Balers

Trojan Fully Autos go from strength to strength at Mardon

Following the recent introduction of our new fully auto range MARDON are now able to provide a baling solution for most applications.

A Trojan horizontal tie machine was recently installed in The Midlands at a DC of one of Staticthe UK’s largest retailers.

With it’s small foot print and high throughput the Trojan Fully Auto range can be installed at sites where space is a premium and volume is high.

As with all MARDON equipment the Trojan Fully Auto range can be purchased outright, leased or rented on a MARDON RENTAL program where you can benefit from our cost effective service programmes.

We are so excited about these machines so if you are in the market for a fully auto call us for more information as we’re sure you will be too!

Call 0800 587 3028 for more details.