Spotlight on our Hook Lift Portable Compactor

Businesses in need of an environmentally friendly solution for managing their waste could consider investing in one of our hook lift portable compactors. Such a machine gives you the chance to compact your industrial waste material as well as reducing the frequency of waste collections. The hook lift portable compactor also cuts costs significantly while reducing the space taken up by waste.

Hook Lift Waste Compactor - Mardon Recycling

Features of the hook lift portable compactor

The Mardon hook lift portable compactor comes in two models, the RP22 and the RP24. They are both mobile, allowing for easy transportation by any Chem compliant hook lift lorry. These compactors have a cycle time of 30 seconds and require a power supply of 415 volts. The hook lift portable compactor can also be fitted with a bin lift (trunnion and comb) to accept bins from 240 litres up to 1100 litres.

The RP22 machine has a paddle type compaction plate, weighing approximately 6320kg. It has a load opening of 1760mm by 1360mm and is suited for green and wet food wastes.

The RP24, on the other hand, has a box type compaction plate and weighs approximately 5640kg. It comes with a load opening of 1820mm by 1360mm. The RP24 is appropriate for dry waste and can thereby handle plastics and cardboard with ease.

Benefits of the hook lift portable compactor

The hook lift portable compactor has reduced collection costs due to its capacity to carry high volumes. It also allows businesses to save time due to minimal disruptions, a factor that improves business efficiency. Alternatively, it reduces the carbon footprint due to its minimal movement.

It is also easy to operate due to its Mardon smart monitor. Such merit allows Mardon experts to analyse, provide diagnosis and troubleshoot remotely. The machine also has a fill level alert system, letting you know when it is 3/4 full.

When to use the hook lift portable compactor

The hook lift portable compactor can be used when in need of mobile compactors. It also gives you the added advantage of compacting both low waste and large waste volumes.

Mardon’s hook lift portable compactor will help improve your working environment while providing optimal solutions for your waste and recycling needs.

Contact us for a chat to discuss your requirements and find your perfect compactor.

How do cardboard balers work?

Cardboard balers are one of the most useful pieces of equipment for any organisation which is committed to recycling and waste management. The ability to compact cardboard is also important for companies handling large volumes of packaging materials in their daily operations; not least as balers are the ideal way to minimise the impact on storage and handling space.

What does a cardboard baler do?

This popular piece of equipment can handle large amounts of cardboard quickly and relatively effortlessly. The resulting cardboard bale is then much easier to store and transport than loose material.

One of the biggest advantages of this is that baling cardboard helps companies to fulfil their environmental responsibilities. Instead of going to landfill, cardboard packaging can be compacted and sent to be reprocessed.
There are various sizes of cardboard balers, with different capacities and functions – including ones which operate either horizontally or vertically. Selecting the right model ensures that, once in place, it will offer a seamless feed for the volume of cardboard waste you generate.

This blog post provides more details about different types and sizes.

Whichever model you select, the resulting pressed and compacted cardboard bale would be tied off to make it even easier to store efficiently and then move off-site. This can all make your cardboard waste management much cheaper too, with its ease and simplicity.

Which machines are suitable for cardboard?

With regards to recommendations all our machinery is suitable for cardboard, but the following might be useful.

Mardon Rampack Trojan 600V5 after

Cardboard baler ownership options

As we are an experienced supplier of cardboard balers, Mardon Recycling Machinery can help clients match their requirements to the right equipment.

One of the first things to consider is whether you want to hire, rent, lease or buy a cardboard baler. There are also possible savings to be made by purchasing a second hand model.

Cardboard baler rental

Renting can be an excellent solution if you generate a lot of cardboard waste temporarily, or sporadically. All Mardon Rental / Hire agreements include full service and Maintenance (exclusions apply).

Cardboard baler lease

Some companies need to have a cardboard baler permanently on site but don’t want the initial outlay of buying one. Leasing a cardboard baler spreads the cost over time Leasing also gives you the opportunity to upgrade should your requirements change during the term

Cardboard baler new or cardboard baler second hand?

Whether you choose to buy a new or second-hand cardboard baler is often a matter of budget. Used recycling equipment that has been carefully refurbished by our engineers can provide balers that are highly competitive on price. You still have the assurance that the cardboard baler will be efficient, effective and reliable.

Here at Mardon Recycling, refurbished machines are inspected thoroughly by our experienced engineers. All critical components are evaluated before determining their viability then a crucial decision must be made to either replace or refurbish. The right decision can mean the difference between extended downtime and operating at peak performance.
All Mardon refurbished machines are brought back to their best without compromising the machines performance at a fraction of the price of a new.

Which vertical baler should you choose?

So, you have decided that a vertical baler is what you need to help with your business waste recycling – that’s great! But which of the many vertical balers out there should you buy? We have some great brand new and second-hand vertical balers in stock at Mardon. Here are a few of our favourites to think about.

If your company is thinking of having a quality vertical baler on-site it’s a wise choice. This type of machine will compress your recyclable waste into bales thus saving you storage space and money on waste collections.
Not quite what you’re looking for? No problem, please get in touch with the team to discuss your individual requirements and we’ll recommend the best machine to suit your needs.

RAMPACK 40 baler

If your business or organisation does not have large premises for dealing with recyclable waste, then this is the machine for you. As the smallest machine in the RAMPACK range, it is perfect for locations with restricted space or height. Ideal for dealing with lighter volumes of waste, it produces a small 30-55kg (up to 40kg) bale measuring 0.535 metres wide for easy storage. With a pressing force of 3 tonnes, it has enough power to be effective while the operating noise of 72 decibels is not too loud.

Check Out Our RAMPACK 40 Baler

RAMPACK 500 baler

If on the other hand, you have lots of recyclable waste to process then this larger baler is for you. Producing (up to) 550kg bales and with an XXL loading aperture, it makes it simple to handle vast amounts of material. At 3.217 metres high and 2.115 metres wide, it is perfect for any company with the space to install it (Don’t want this to seem like a negative point as a low height option is also available). Five wire tying ensures the produced bale is secure while the automated ejector mechanism makes it easy to get the bale out.

Check Out Our RAMPACK 500 Baler

TC60 baler

The big advantage that the TC60 offers is the ability to segregate recyclable waste yourself thanks to separate chambers. Able to deal with plastic, cardboard and general waste, this is a serious piece of kit. Multiple chambers also save staff time by allowing free ones to be loaded while others are in use. The 1.969-metre height means this is ideal if you have restricted height on your premises. With a cycle time of only 35 seconds, this is also a quick machine to use. Additional chambers (up to a max of 6) can be added.

Check out our T60 Baler


A popular machine that produces half size bales is the TC200. It saves on handling time because of its multiple chambers which means it’s free to load while other chamber compacts. Another benefit of multiple chambers is that is offers an efficient way of separating different materials before baling. The TC200 comes with a roller guided head for ease of movement, retaining claws to prevent spring back and it’s a top loading machine and suitable for areas with height restrictions. Fully automated bale ejector simplifies removal of the bale.

Check out our TC200 Baler

Brexit Contingency Planning

The Mardon Group have taken steps to ensure continuity of supply to all of our customers in the event of a ‘No Deal’ exit scenario resulting from negotiations between the governments of the UK and EU.

Wherever possible we shall endeavour to supply product (including spares and consumables) from our existing suppliers which may in some cases originate from the EU. In consequence we are in process of increasing our stockholding in order to minimise any delay or disruption in receiving product from the EU.

Should any undue delay in receiving and supplying said product ensue, we are confident in our ability to source and supply alternative product to meet the requirements appertaining. Therefore we anticipate no change in our sales or service capability.

New 2019 Range of Fully Automatic Baling Machines

We are proud to introduce our new 2019 range of fully automatic baling machines. We have been working closely with our German manufacturers to produce an innovative range which is full of new technology which we feel will provide unrivalled performance and efficiency.

Albamat 900V5-Z1_05

The range now consists of horizontal and vertical type machines. Our Trojan fully auto balers can now be ordered with our innovative plastic wire tying system as well as our new “cross tie” system as an option, capable of baling between 2 and 20 tonnes per hour. The flagship of the range is our new “Colossus” which is capable of producing up to one tonne bales. The new system paired with pressing force of up to 95 tonnes makes this new machine the ideal solution for baling RDF. PET wire is ideal for the burning process used with RDF and our speciality designed tying system ensures a tight and secure bale. Operationally it’s as easy to use as a conventional channel baler and an affordable RDF solution for a fraction of the price of a typical RDF baler.

Mardon offer various financial options from outright purchase, leasing to our own contract rental scheme. This enables our customers to have the best equipment available with the latest technology at a cost that suits them.

The purchase of our equipment is only the beginning. Mardon offer an unsurpassable nationwide maintenance service, with our highly skilled factory trained experienced engineers keeping your purchase working efficiently. You can rest assured in the knowledge that our fully qualified engineers will be there every step of the way through the delivery, installation and complete on-site certified training.

We are confident that this is the most comprehensive channel baler range on the market which complements and enhances the Mardon range and their innovation gives Mardon competitive edge!!

Knowing Your Recycling Equipment Options

When choosing waste and recycling equipment for your business, you will want to make sure you pick the right machine to meet your individual needs. We’ve provided an overview of the different types of recycling and industrial waste equipment we have available to help you make the right decisions.

Waste Balers

Balers work by enabling the separation of your recyclable waste for example waste cardboard to be compacted into blocks called bales. There are two types of balers: horizontal and vertical. Your choice of baler will depend on the amount and rate of industrial recycling waste your business produces.

Horizontal Balers

Balers of this type, like the Rampack HZ Range, will deal with large amounts of waste. These can be fitted with a bin lift and used in conjunction with a conveyor. Balers are also available as both fully- and semi-automatic versions, with options of either horizontal or vertical tying systems, depending on material to be baled. Automatic recycling machinery operates continuously, while semi-automatic varieties have a stop/start function and require bundles to be tied by hand at the end.

Vertical Balers

For sporadic levels of recycling waste, vertical balers, could be the most cost-efficient. Vertical recycling machinery is also available in smaller sizes if space saving is a concern for your business.

Waste Compactors

Compactors work by compacting your industrial waste material, reducing the amount of waste lying around on site and reducing the frequency in rubbish collection requirements. They can be ordered as bin lift and be towed away by a skip lorry, or as a hook lift to be removed by a lorry.

If you are handling wet waste as well as dry, Mardon also have the have a range of fully liquid retentive compactors to prevent leakage. You will need to make sure that arrangement for collection is regular. The machine will let you know when it is 3/4 full so you can facilitate this.

Compactors and balers are similar in that they are both designed to compact and compress your industrial and recycling waste into a smaller and more manageable form.

The compactor will help with efficient, space-saving and appropriate disposal of your industrial waste, while the baler is a piece of recycling machinery that will compress your recyclables ready for removal. Responsible and regular recycling is additionally a potential way of generating extra revenue for your business.

We hope we have been able to help you understand the different options you have available to you when considering purchasing recycling equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are also on hand to listen to your individual requirements and provide a competitive quote for the best machine to suit your needs.

Horizontal Balers

One of the most efficient methods of processing waste material into a format that can be easily recycled, waste balers are a key part of many enterprises which need to process high quantities of waste materials.

When it comes to finding the right baler for your business, there are several considerations. There are some different types of baler, including horizontal balers and those which are vertically fed, as well as automatic and semi-automatic balers. Here we outline the various options on offer, as well as showcase some of the market leaders we have available.

Horizontal or vertical feed?

If you have a relatively high level of waste movement, horizontal waste balers are usually the way to go. The horizontal nature of the machinery allows a continuous flow of waste (often via conveyor belt). This allows a much higher volume to be processed. Vertical balers tend to operate in a stop/start manner, so it depends on what would suit your business.

Automatic or semi-automatic?

A semi-automatic baler needs manual stopping and starting. The bale will also usually need to be tied off by hand once completed. In comparison, an automatic baler will do the entire job from start to finish, operating continuously until no longer required.

Our top picks when it comes to horizontal balers

Fully Automatic Balers

The RAMPACK fully automatic baler benefits from both horizontal and vertical feeds. In addition, it has a fully automatic five-wire tying process and is capable of processing anything from two to twelve tonnes of waste an hour.

Trojan Auto 500 V5 Baler

Capable of processing a variety of different materials, including paper, cardboard, printing waste, foil, PET, hard plastics and tiling, the Trojan Auto 500 V5 Baler is a good all-rounder with a pressing force of 60 tonnes.

Trojan Auto 400 H3 Baler

A great investment for smaller operations, the Trojan Auto 400 H3 Baler benefits from a 45-tonne pressing capacity and is suitable for baling materials such as paper, cardboard, printing waste and foil.

Semi-automatic Horizontal Balers

RAMPACK Trojan XL 60 Balers

Capable of creating bales which weight up to 750kg, the Trojan XL 60 Baler is quiet and efficient. Full bales are ejected once complete.

RAMPACK Beast Baler

With future-proof capabilities, the Rampack Beast Baler is a machine that features three power settings and can be tailored to your business needs.

We will customise your baler to suit your operation – get in touch with us here at Mardon Recycling Machinery to find out more.

Refurbished Rampack Trojan 600V5 Before and After

Another Mardon refurbished machine nearing completion. This Rampack Trojan 600V5 which undergone Mardon’s refurbishment program.

Our refurbished machines are inspected thoroughly and all critical components evaluated before determining their viability then a crucial decision must be made to either replace or refurbish. The right decision can mean the difference between extended downtime and operating at peak efficiency.

All Mardon refurbished machines are bought back to their best without compromising the machine’s performance at a fraction of the price of a new model.


Mardon Rampack Trojan 600V5 Before


















Mardon Rampack Trojan 600V5 after

Brand-new Static Compactor With Bin Lift and Safety Cage

Looking for a brand-new static compactor with bin lift and safety cage without a long manufacturing lead time? Mardon can help you. We currently have in stock for immediate delivery a brand new Rampack RP22. We can deliver and install anywhere in the UK on a 3 or 5 year fully maintained rental or outright purchase.

Get in touch with the team for more details.

static compactor with bin lift and safety cage


What a “Wundervolle Nacht” with ABBA-Pressen

Our Managing Director Dennis pictured here (centre) with Uwe (left) and Wolfgang (right) Albers, joint Owners and Directors of ABBA-Pressen at their 20th Anniversary Celebrations in Niederlangan.

Dennis and ABBA-Pressen

ABBA-Pressen are manufacturers of our fantastic fully automatic baler range and we have been the sole UK dealer for ABBA since 2013.

Please visit our recycling machinery section to see our extensive range of baler, compactors and other recycling equipment.

Congrats to Sue

Our amazing Sales Administrator Sue is celebrating 9 years working with Mardon.

Sue is currently the longest serving employee within the company and an invaluable member of the team.

Here’s to many more years Sue and congratulations from everyone here at Mardon!

Recycling Solutions From Mardon

Mardon have over 15 years of experience dealing with the waste equipment. Here are just a brief sample of the recycling solutions we have provided over the past year. Mardon can provide a solutions for virtually every situation, so whether you need to feed a horizontal baler from multiple levels, a compactor through a wall or supply multiple sites around the country with balers Mardon can provide a solution.


Colossus Recycling Baler on Lorry

Mardon Waste Solutions 6

Our Customer Reducing Bin Collections with a Jumbo Roll Packer

Jumbo Roll Packer
Jumbo Roll Packer

Busy times for our customers and staff here at Mardon! Here’s another installation nearing completion. This time it’s a jumbo roll packer which will greatly reduce the bin collections at this busy DC.

If you are looking for a similar solution or would like to find out more information give the team at Mardon a call to chat through all your waste equipment requirements, we’ll have just the answer!

Refurbished 32 Yard Portable Compactor

Mardon have large stocks of new and refurbished baling equipment and compactors ready for immediate delivery. One example is this fully refurbished 32 yard portable compactor, which is available for rental or purchase.

refurbished 32 yard portable compactor
refurbished 32 yard portable compactor

If you would like more information or any help with your recycling requirements, please contact a member of the Mardon team on:

Freephone 0800 587 3028
01769 572191

Mardon come up with a winning solution yet again!

Rampack Trojan 40XLThis time it was with NHS Grampian. Our brief was to provide a solution to improve their recycling times and reduce the labour costs by upgrading their baling system from verticals to our entry level   Rampack Trojan semi-automatic baler.

It benefits form all the features you would expect from the larger bailing machines in the range, but it is compact and provides extremely high-performance.

If you would like Mardon to help you with your recycling requirements, please contact a member of the team on:

Freephone 0800 587 3028
01769 572191

Spotlight On Our RAMPACK H60 Baling Press

The Mardon RamPack 60HD Baling Press is perfect for baling a range of materials includingRAMPACK H60 Baling Press

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Drinks Cans
  • Paint Tins
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic

The cross strapping tying system enables the material to be held securely within the bale. The Baling Press has a fully automated bale eject system for simple removal of the bale.

It’s height is : 2.133m and width: 1.040m with a depth of: 1.328m. The total weight is: 706kg and the power supply is: 220-240v single phase.

The motor: 2.2kw, 16amp and the pressing force is: up to 13 Ton. This baling press comply’s with the Control of Noise at work Regulation 2005 and has a cycle time of: 25 seconds.

  • Bale Dimensions
  • Height: 650mm
  • Width: 600mm
  • Depth: 400mm
  • Bale Weight: 30kg to 60kg (Dependant on Material)

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Delivery of Over 400 RamPack 60 Balers to a Major UK High Street Retailer

Managing Director, Dennis Henry of Mardon Group and Gene McConnon, Sales Manager, MacFab are pictured at the handing over of a consignment of over 400 RamPack 60 Balers for a major UK High Street Retailer.


400 RamPack 60 Balers

Over 100 Rampack 60’s have now been installed with this client who since has seen significant increases in their recycling and vast reductions in their costs with the removal of waste bins etc.

The baled material is now back hauled to the clients Distribution Centres where they are re-baled into mill size bales to maximise revenue.


Mr Henry said:

“Mardon are proud to have won this order which was a result of many months of negotiations in what has become a very competitive environment.

Customer service was a key factor in the tender process and we look forward to continuing to provide our client with the highest level of service that they have come to expect and for which Mardon are renowned. We say what we do and we do what we say.”


RamPack 60 Balers

The RamPack 60 Balers are renowned for the compaction and baling of cardboard, plastics and food.

Its main features are that they are suitable for positioning where storeroom space is limited and ideal for small to medium volumes of waste.

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If you are looking to invest in a piece of recycling equipment, please ask our team about our free waste survey to see if we can help save you money!

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