Zero Waste Week: How your business can get involved to help rethink waste and reduce landfills

Whether you are a small to medium enterprise, or even one of our bigger businesses, everyone could benefit from getting involved in Zero Waste Week and having a good hard rethink about how to reduce waste and reduce landfills.

This may sound very preachy, preachy, and that is not my intention at all, but as I have said in previous blogs, just being conscious and actively thinking about what, how and where is very important.  What  you  are  wasting  or  indeed  recycling.  How  you  are  reducing  your  carbon footprint and doing your bit for the environment and where you hope yourself, your business and indeed the world will be in the future. As a business owner, these are all things that must be considered, not each and every moment of the day, but at least sometimes – we cannot all live in the dark and ignore the effect our waste has on the world around us.

So! How can your business get involved to help rethink waste and reduce landfills eh? Well, there are many ways. Now, the most efficient way would be to buy balers and compactors from Mardon Recycling in order to drastically reduce the amount of waste your business produces and indeed recycle a great deal more in one sitting, but there are many other ways too.

Effective waste management can provide financial benefits for your company and improving your waste management can come with very real and noticeable cost-savings to boot.

One  particularly  good  example of a business who does think, does recycle, and is aware of their effect on the environment is another company I work for, namely Yelp. I went to their offices at 55 Baker Street (the most daunting building in all of London, I’d wager) the other week for a training session, and found it remarkable. Not only did they provide free food and juice  for  all  their  employees  (and  not  the  cheap  stuff  either!)  but  their  staff  kitchen  was immaculately laid out, with different types of recycling bins for anything you could imagine, a compost  bin,  plastic,  glass,  paper  –  all  the  things!  It  was  great  to  see  such  a big company actively  working  on  combating  waste  and  indeed  reducing  and  recycling  what  they could. Now, I don’t know if they had compactors, though I can’t imagine they did, but even so, it was impressive.

I  think  the  first  steps  are  really  rather  simple.  Supporting  the  Reduce,  Reuse,  Recycle campaign in the workplace, having a range of recycling bins in order to get employees thinking about what they are using and where it goes, and compacting everything to reduce the waste tax,  recycle  more  and  ultimately  both  save  money  and  the  environment.  Consciousness  is powerful, and self-awareness is sexy, and you want to be the powerful, sexy business … don’t you?

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