What are the true cost benefits of waste balers

Mardon Recycling can help you build the business case for your waste baler investment.

We can do this by talking you through all of the cost benefits, using figures that are specific to your particular situation and needs. Our specialist team at Mardon will show you how your waste baler can pay for itself and start to save you money. 

RamPack 40 Baler

rampack-40Our smallest baler is ideal for Schools, Shops & Garages etc. looking to produce small, easy to handle bales of cardboard, plastic &/or black-sack waste. The RAMPACK 40 will produce small, dense bales weighing between 30kg – 55kg.

Why not purchase a bag stand to help keep your plastic tidy whilst waiting to be baled.



Mardon Recycling Ltd are the UK’s leading suppliers of waste balers, baler servicing, baler consumables and all other related waste disposal solutions. We can help you understand how our recycling machinery can increase your recycling capabilities, enhance your environmental credentials at the same time save you money. Please see our range of waste balers and compactors here on our website however if you are unable to locate what you’re looking for, simply call us on 0800 587 3028 for a free survey discussion to identify your specific waste handling needs.

We offer a nationwide baler and compactor maintenance and repair service with our own fully trained and experienced engineers, whether your machinery has been supplied by Mardon Recycling or is already owned. If your waste machinery is out of warranty, or hasn’t been supplied by us, we can still help reduce the financial headache of unexpected repair costs and offer service plans at very affordable rates.

If you need some help and advice with making a decision about how best to meet your waste and recycling obligations, then give us a call. We are happy to discuss your requirements, and if appropriate can offer a free site survey, to ensure you get the best machine for your particular business operation.

Our General Office Opening Hours are 8am – 5pm but we have 24/7 telephone service and emergency cover throughout the UK. simply call us on 0800 587 3028

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