Why Waste Management is Important in Business

According to Southwark Council here in London it is estimated that waste production can cost your business up to 4% of turnover, increasing to as high as 10% in some companies, which is huge when you think about it.

By implementing a good waste management plan, your business can really make huge savings as recycling truly is one of the easiest actions a business can begin in order to reduce its carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

By taking steps to reduce waste a business can save money on supplies, conserve natural resources and energy, reduce current waste disposal costs and fight against increased disposal costs in the future, give customers what they want: “green” products and environmentally conscious businesses (this helps us all sleep a little better at night, I know I do when I know I’ve done everything just so, doing my bit for the environment as and when I can), avoid adding to the environmental burden caused by producing and disposing of unnecessary materials, boost employee morale by giving staff members an opportunity to work together on an environmental project and reduce the risk of future liability associated with the disposal of solid wastes.

The most direct way to cut your disposal costs is with source reduction: that is, by reducing the amount of waste your business produces, investing in a baler or compactor would seem to me to be the easiest solution, cutting down how much waste your business produces literally, by squishing it all together nice and neatly.

All waste sent to landfill becomes subject to landfill tax but by sending more of your waste for recycling you don’t have to pay this, simple as that.   Taxes are going up and up every year and in 2014 the landfill tax is £80 per tonne.  This tax is on top of standard collection costs? No. Recycling your waste will save you money.

There are so many environmental benefits to recycling your business waste. Less waste in landfill frees up land for other uses and reduces the production of those greenhouse gases (like methane) we know cause so much damage.

Recycling saves raw materials and energy.  Recycling just one glass bottle saves enough energy to light a 15 watt low energy efficient bulb (equivalent to a 100 watt normal bulb) for 24 hours. Pretty cool huh?

Being aware – as a business – of environment issues is the done thing now, and so it should be. Complying with the proper rules and regulations gives business the opportunity to promote their environmentally friendly practices to customers. This in turn could attract new business as well as keeping old friends and customers on side.

Most of your employees will be recycling at home. Studies have shown that recycling is important to people who want to protect the environment, and so employees are increasingly looking to their employers to recycle their waste and do their bit for the environment. To take this from home to work would be the cherry on top of the cake of a productive working environment.

So you see, the benefits are many, and though I am an advocate in recycling, I think quite rightly so. It is about time things change and we begin to take responsibility for the waste we produce.

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