Rampack-R100-copyDid you know, cardboard waste has become so valuable cardboard crooks have targeted UK businesses making off with hundreds of pounds worth of recycling?

No longer is scrap metal the waste industry’s only sought after money-maker. Increases in the price of cardboard means baling and selling it can be financially rewarding, with some recycling companies offering revenue per tonne…

A tonne of cardboard sounds like a lot, but it’s amazing how quickly a small business such as a restaurant, shop or warehouse can produce this. The key is to store it efficiently, so that space and contamination does not become an issue while the cardboard accumulates, and the answer is baling!

A baler is a sound investment, and Mardon Recycling Ltd have options that make baling and selling cardboard waste financially viable for any business. For those who hank after the latest launches in fine machinery, we have brand new vertical & horizontal balers, compactors, plus more! For the developing business wanting to see cash go further, our second-hand refurbished machines are fully serviced and in tip-top condition – all available to lease, hire or purchase, and with additional advantages such as free advice, well-priced consumables, servicing and full cover.

Although lease and hire schemes can be an affordable way to bale, and an innovative way to test money-making potential, outright purchase is worth a thought. Now is the time to take advantage of the HMRC incentive of the Annual Investment Allowance (AIA). In April 2014 the AIA increased, and you can claim your entire expenditure on qualifying items, up to £500,000.00, reducing your tax bill!

Another tantalising tax reduction tip, is to check the amount of landfill tax your business may incur every year. According to the UK Environmental Agency, approximately two-thirds of landfill waste is biodegradable matter from households and industry. When waste decomposes in landfill sites it produces potent methane gases potentially harmful to the environment, naturally the government are keen to tackle this. The Gov.uk website advises  ‘You can get tax credits if you send waste from landfill to be recycled, incinerated or reused.’, and with the standard rate for disposing of waste at landfill at £80.00 per tonne, there is money to be saved, and made, via the alternative route of  baling and recycling.

Let’s not forget the economical benefits … recycling one tonne of cardboard saves over 240 cubic feet of landfill space. It takes 17 trees to produce one tonne of new cardboard boxes. Recycling one tonne of paper, rather than producing new, uses 7,000 fewer gallons of water, saves 35% of the water pollution, 70% of the air pollution, uses 4100 KWH less energy, and saves 390 gallons of oil.

So if carbon-footprint isn’t reason alone to recycle your cardboard, consider the financial benefits  … don’t allow the cardboard box bandits to reap all the rewards! 

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