A cardboard baler is a valuable business asset and will be used frequently. To keep your baler in tip-top condition here are our top five maintenance tips …

1) Keep it clean

A clean baler is a happy baler, so a daily dust down is worthwhile. Simply, use a cloth to remove any dirt or grease build-up on your baler, especially around the control system.

On a weekly basis your baler will benefit from a deeper clean. Grab a pressure washer, find a few old rags and remember to unplug your baler before you begin! Only use the pressure washer to clean the inside chamber, you don’t want to get the baler’s electronics wet! Put the old rags to use and give it some good-old fashioned elbow grease.

2) Check the oil

Correct oil levels ensure stable operation. Every time you clean the inside chamber you’d be wise to check the oil and hydraulic fluid levels. You can refer to the ‘best level’ markings on the tank, if the fluid needs a top up we recommend you use a 100 mesh strainer – it’s the best strainer for the job.

The oil should only require a complete change once every two years. If your baler is situated in a particularly dusty or dirty place, you may need to change it more frequently.

Oil temperature is important – if the oil is too warm, you’ve got a sleepy baler. If you want to keep your baler in a good mood, try to ensure fluid temperature doesn’t exceed 180o Fahrenheit.

Take a look at the cylinder rod. It’s standard to see a thin layer of oil on the rod, but if there’s excess oil it’s likely the cylinder seals need replacing. Leaks are most commonly caused by improper tightening or placement of fittings. If you discover and remedy leaks at an early stage, you will avoid serious damage to the hydraulic system.

3) Inspect and maintain parts

Blockages, wear and damage can be easily spotted and quickly remedied before more serious problems are incurred. Keep a regular check on parts such as the pump, filter, wear pads, cylinder seals and valves. Mardon stock a range of parts and consumables – just give Jen a call for advice!

4) Lubricate

Easy and obvious! Lubricate hinges, latches and gate guides to keep them operating smoothly.

5) Servicing & full cover

Consider our regular servicing options. Whatever your requirements – be it use of our fully maintained cover, or assistance on an ad-hoc basis – from scheduled service visits to emergency call outs – our qualified team at Mardon are here to help!

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