“They Think it’s a New Van! It is Now” – It’s a New Van for The Mardon Service Team!

Due to our rapid growth over the last 12 months we are happy to announce delivery of our latest fleet vehicle, and in keeping with this year’s 50th “They Think it’s a New Van! It is Now” - It’s a New Van for The Mardon Service Team!anniversary of England winning the World Cup it comes with a 66 registration plate to boot!

Providing the highest level of support and service to our valued customers has been and will always be our main goal, that’s why we continuously invest heavily in our staff and support vehicles.

Machine Servicing with Mardon Recycling Machinery

We sell, service and maintain all types of Balers and Compactors.

The immediate benefits will be a reduction in the staff needed to care for the machinery and improved efficiency of equipment, to cut down on any downtime site may have experienced through lack of maintenance. You will also receive a detailed Service Report which would be required for auditing purposes.

If you would like to book a service from £99.00+vat, please contact our Service Department on 01769 572191 or email admin@mardongroup.co.uk and speak to one of our Service Team who would be happy to help you.

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We typically aim to reduce waste cost by at least 30%, but many companies achieve more, with staff time efficiency savings and rebates on materials.

If you have general waste costs reduction as your aim, Mardon Recycling can assist in offering where possible, alternative solutions which may not require moving from your current waste provider.

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