Trojan Fully Auto Balers

Trojan Fully Autos go from strength to strength at Mardon

Following the recent introduction of our new fully auto range MARDON are now able to provide a baling solution for most applications.

A Trojan horizontal tie machine was recently installed in The Midlands at a DC of one of Staticthe UK’s largest retailers.

With it’s small foot print and high throughput the Trojan Fully Auto range can be installed at sites where space is a premium and volume is high.

As with all MARDON equipment the Trojan Fully Auto range can be purchased outright, leased or rented on a MARDON RENTAL program where you can benefit from our cost effective service programmes.

We are so excited about these machines so if you are in the market for a fully auto call us for more information as we’re sure you will be too!

Call 0800 587 3028 for more details.

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