Spotlight on our range of RAMPACK M8 Mobile Compactors

Our range of RAMPACK M8 Mobile Compactors offer compaction where you need it. Simply plug into a 3-phase supply for instant RAMPACK M8 COMPACTOR 2use.

  • 5 to 1 Compaction Ratio
  • Leak Retentive Doors
  • Optional Wheelie Bin Lift

Mobile Compactor Features

Our M8 and M10 Skip-Mobile Compactors are manufactured to last. British built, they are of robust construction, fitted with leak retentive door seals, waste retaining teeth and set at ‘Maximum-Pressure’ as standard, meaning that they will out-perform most other models of their type.

Mobile Compactor Technical Data

Motor Rating: 7.5kw
Power Supply: 415V 3-Ph 32Amp
Loading Aperture (W) 1430mm
Loading Aperture (L) 1000mm
Charge Box Volume: 1.34 m3
Cycle Time: 38 Seconds
Overall Height: 2100mm
Overall Length: 4050mm (max)
Hydraulic Pressure: 150 bar
Hydraulic Capacity: 120 ltrs
Ram Force: 30 Tonnes
Total Weight: 2 tonnes

For further information on our mobile compactor range, please get in touch with a member of the team today:

Freephone: 0800 587 3028
Telephone: 01769 572191

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