Spotlight on our Hook Lift Portable Compactor

Businesses in need of an environmentally friendly solution for managing their waste could consider investing in one of our hook lift portable compactors. Such a machine gives you the chance to compact your industrial waste material as well as reducing the frequency of waste collections. The hook lift portable compactor also cuts costs significantly while reducing the space taken up by waste.

Hook Lift Waste Compactor - Mardon Recycling

Features of the hook lift portable compactor

The Mardon hook lift portable compactor comes in two models, the RP22 and the RP24. They are both mobile, allowing for easy transportation by any Chem compliant hook lift lorry. These compactors have a cycle time of 30 seconds and require a power supply of 415 volts. The hook lift portable compactor can also be fitted with a bin lift (trunnion and comb) to accept bins from 240 litres up to 1100 litres.

The RP22 machine has a paddle type compaction plate, weighing approximately 6320kg. It has a load opening of 1760mm by 1360mm and is suited for green and wet food wastes.

The RP24, on the other hand, has a box type compaction plate and weighs approximately 5640kg. It comes with a load opening of 1820mm by 1360mm. The RP24 is appropriate for dry waste and can thereby handle plastics and cardboard with ease.

Benefits of the hook lift portable compactor

The hook lift portable compactor has reduced collection costs due to its capacity to carry high volumes. It also allows businesses to save time due to minimal disruptions, a factor that improves business efficiency. Alternatively, it reduces the carbon footprint due to its minimal movement.

It is also easy to operate due to its Mardon smart monitor. Such merit allows Mardon experts to analyse, provide diagnosis and troubleshoot remotely. The machine also has a fill level alert system, letting you know when it is 3/4 full.

When to use the hook lift portable compactor

The hook lift portable compactor can be used when in need of mobile compactors. It also gives you the added advantage of compacting both low waste and large waste volumes.

Mardon’s hook lift portable compactor will help improve your working environment while providing optimal solutions for your waste and recycling needs.

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