The Rubbish Diet – Can the average person lead a zero waste lifestyle?

That’s  the  question,  isn’t  it?  Can  the  average  person  or  even  household  lead a zero waste lifestyle? Is it possible? And if so, how?

I do think about this quite often, I have to admit. Because every can, every latte, every flapjack or  Sainsbury’s  meal  deal  I  am  always left with the waste of. In London we are quite lucky, because  there  are  “plastic”,  “paper  and  card”  and “general waste” bins dotted around the place, so it is possible to still be conscious of recycling when not at home.

But we are human beings, and we produce a lot of waste. The average person is responsible for 592kg of waste each year. That’s eight of me! And trust me, the world does not need eight more of me.

In the UK each year we produce enough waste to fill Lake Windemere. I mean, that’s a lot. I’ve been there. It takes about ten minutes to drive down just one length of it.

I’m sure you’ve all read one fact or another about recycling and Carbon footprint, and have been made to feel sufficiently guilty about the whole thing, but I am not here to make you feel guilty. I am here to call you to action. Something genuinely must be done to reduce, or even eradicate the amount of waste we are producing. Why, when we can recycle most things and all food and garden waste is compostable, are we still producing so much waste?

A glass, plastic, and paper and cardboard bin and a compost bin are all it takes to drastically reduce the wastage of a household. But really leading a completely zero waste lifestyle does take a bit more effort. Buying food in bulk, to avoid lots of unnecessary packaging is one thing – this can easily be done with dried goods for the food store, and buying refillables is another clever  solution  –  with  coffee,  tea,  and  even  milk  this  is  easy.  Spending  a  little  more  time thinking about packaging and what you will do with the packaging of the product after it has been used, and then knowing where to put it afterwards is so important.

Honestly, the only two bits of advice I can give to you in order to lead a zero waste lifestyle are these. Shop consciously and separate waste properly. I am ready to do it, and so can you.

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