Recycling Balers, finding the right one…

The majority of businesses today generate waste from either production or consumption and many are looking for the right solution to deal with their waste efficiently. Companies we have spoken to over the years tend to ask questions like, what is the best way of managing my waste? How can I save money through waste? Which recycling machine is the best fit for my business?

This is where Mardon Recycling comes in…

Mardon Recycling offers everything you need to achieve your waste and recycling equipment needs. We have a huge range of machinery including recycling balers and compactors to suit any size and budget requirements.

The first step is to get in touch with our team on 0800 587 3028 to request a comprehensive waste survey with one of our experienced team. They will carry out a full waste audit looking at the waste types you currently have, how you manage them and also looking at future possibilities. Our team will analyse your site layout and review your current waste costs. Once these factors have been considered in full, you will receive your recommendation of the correct size of recycling baler or compactor for your business.

Our goal is to reduce your waste cost by at least 30%, however the majority of companies accomplish more, with staff time efficiency savings and rebates on materials. If you have general waste costs reduction as your goal, Mardon Recycling can assist in offering where possible, alternative solutions which may not require moving from your current waste provider.

For all your recycling machinery needs, we can provide you with the best solution that suits your requirements and budget:

• View our portable and static compactor range
• View our vertical baler range
• View our horizontal baler range
• View our semi-automatic baler range
• View our fully automatic baler range

Ready for your free waste survey?

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