Rampack Trojan Fully Automatic 800 V5 Balers

TROJAN 800V5aOur TROJAN AUTO baler range consists of both vertical and horizontal fully automatic 5-wire tying systems and are capable of baling between 2 and 12 tonnes per hour. Precision made using German engineering, the Trojan Auto range utilises advanced servicing technology to require a minimum of maintenance. It has a relatively small footprint, has low noise levels and can easily be relocated to existing standard “hook-lift” frames. Each machine is tailor-made to suit your requirements.

Key Features of our Rampack Trojan Fully Automatic 800 V5 Balers

  • suited for pressing: paper, cardboard, printing waste, foil, PET, hard plastics, tiling
  • vertical stamp, oil cooler as well as tank and cabinet heater as standard equipment
  • ground slide and piston valve for covering the needle opening (prevents contamination of the binding unit with plastic particles, etc.)
  • channel adjustment – 3 sides, hydraulic-automatic
  • photocell control in the filling chute
  • continuous feeding by means of flat conveyor or similar
  • fast cycle times
  • additional photocell for overfilling
  • collapsible binding device for transport and service
  • suitable for medium to high traffic material
  • operator side freely selectable
  • simple operation via touch panel
  • from 45 KW motor drive with Hardox guide

Mardon Free Waste Survey

We typically aim to reduce waste cost by at least 30%, but many companies achieve more, with staff time efficiency savings and rebates on materials. If you have general waste costs reduction as your aim, Mardon Recycling can assist in offering where possible, alternative solutions which may not require moving from your current waste provider. After completion of a survey, ( site visit, telephone or online), we can propose a tailor-fit package which could include, balers, skip, compactors, granulators and conveyors, in order to change or complement your current waste situation.

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