Mardon Recycling helping Charities put something back into schools

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Mardon Recycling are not just about recycling equipment and Balers, in our spare time we just love to help charities. Mardon are proud and passionate to be the sponsors of the Children’s Safety Education Foundation, for helping Key stage 2 Children in local schools in the South West area.

The Children’s Safety Education Foundation was established in 2004, where they work in partnership with local Schools, Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue Services, Local Authorities and a wide variety of Child Protection Agencies throughout the British Isles.

All of us at Mardon felt we wanted to engage more with the local schools giving the young people the knowledge and information they need to help them grow and make the informed choices about the things that can threaten their everyday life’s from drugs, alcohol, bullying and anti-social behaviour.

The children link their academic work in combination with lots of physical activities at safety events helping the children make the informed decisions they will use throughout their adult life.

Mardon will now be a sponsor that has helped the charity to support over two and a half million young people with safety education and training.

We all know that the problems of children today cannot be cured overnight but with our help at Mardon we hope to change the culture of future generations.

We encourage all our employees and local and National communities to further enhance some social good, by doing their bit for charity too, whether its giving a donation or just some of their time.

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