Mardon are helping to protect the Children of Ashleigh School, Barnstaple in Devon

We are honored to sponsor the Need 2 Know Education who raise support for the Children’s Safety Education Foundation.  They fight to provide all school children, across the nation, with the knowledge and understanding to make more informed decisions in relation to the dangers of drugs, alcohol, bullying and their general safety, whether they are out and about with their friends or at home, where it is assumed, they are safe from danger!

Mardon are very proud of this charity and this is the second year we have sponsored them.  The thing we love the most is that although the charity is supporting schools all over the UK, we can pick a school close to our hearts if we wish.  The majority of us have young children here at Mardon, so we can support various local schools close to different team members heart each year.

Here is just a snap shot of what the Children’s Safety Education Foundation has to say

“It may surprise you to learn that every week in the United Kingdom, 40,000 children and young people are taken to A&E, over 2,000 are admitted and sadly 13 will not recover from their injuries. Many of those incidents should never have happened and could have been avoided. We passionately believe that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Our children are the future of our nation and it is their right to be kept safe in a world that continually presents new threats and dangers, and as parents, teachers and carers, it is our duty to provide the guidance they require.

Since we launched, thanks to like-minded individuals/ organisations such as yours, we have been able to influence the safety awareness behaviour in over one million children. This success has been down to the decisions made by people like you.”

So, if like Mardon, you would like to help protect the children of our nation, or simply read more about Children’s Safety Education Foundation…….


Telephone Number: 0844 8467899

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