Knowing Your Recycling Equipment Options

When choosing waste and recycling equipment for your business, you will want to make sure you pick the right machine to meet your individual needs. We’ve provided an overview of the different types of recycling and industrial waste equipment we have available to help you make the right decisions.

Waste Balers

Balers work by enabling the separation of your recyclable waste for example waste cardboard to be compacted into blocks called bales. There are two types of balers: horizontal and vertical. Your choice of baler will depend on the amount and rate of industrial recycling waste your business produces.

Horizontal Balers

Balers of this type, like the Rampack HZ Range, will deal with large amounts of waste. These can be fitted with a bin lift and used in conjunction with a conveyor. Balers are also available as both fully- and semi-automatic versions, with options of either horizontal or vertical tying systems, depending on material to be baled. Automatic recycling machinery operates continuously, while semi-automatic varieties have a stop/start function and require bundles to be tied by hand at the end.

Vertical Balers

For sporadic levels of recycling waste, vertical balers, could be the most cost-efficient. Vertical recycling machinery is also available in smaller sizes if space saving is a concern for your business.

Waste Compactors

Compactors work by compacting your industrial waste material, reducing the amount of waste lying around on site and reducing the frequency in rubbish collection requirements. They can be ordered as bin lift and be towed away by a skip lorry, or as a hook lift to be removed by a lorry.

If you are handling wet waste as well as dry, Mardon also have the have a range of fully liquid retentive compactors to prevent leakage. You will need to make sure that arrangement for collection is regular. The machine will let you know when it is 3/4 full so you can facilitate this.

Compactors and balers are similar in that they are both designed to compact and compress your industrial and recycling waste into a smaller and more manageable form.

The compactor will help with efficient, space-saving and appropriate disposal of your industrial waste, while the baler is a piece of recycling machinery that will compress your recyclables ready for removal. Responsible and regular recycling is additionally a potential way of generating extra revenue for your business.

We hope we have been able to help you understand the different options you have available to you when considering purchasing recycling equipment. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are also on hand to listen to your individual requirements and provide a competitive quote for the best machine to suit your needs.

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