Horizontal Balers

One of the most efficient methods of processing waste material into a format that can be easily recycled, waste balers are a key part of many enterprises which need to process high quantities of waste materials.

When it comes to finding the right baler for your business, there are several considerations. There are some different types of baler, including horizontal balers and those which are vertically fed, as well as automatic and semi-automatic balers. Here we outline the various options on offer, as well as showcase some of the market leaders we have available.

Horizontal or vertical feed?

If you have a relatively high level of waste movement, horizontal waste balers are usually the way to go. The horizontal nature of the machinery allows a continuous flow of waste (often via conveyor belt). This allows a much higher volume to be processed. Vertical balers tend to operate in a stop/start manner, so it depends on what would suit your business.

Automatic or semi-automatic?

A semi-automatic baler needs manual stopping and starting. The bale will also usually need to be tied off by hand once completed. In comparison, an automatic baler will do the entire job from start to finish, operating continuously until no longer required.

Our top picks when it comes to horizontal balers

Fully Automatic Balers

The RAMPACK fully automatic baler benefits from both horizontal and vertical feeds. In addition, it has a fully automatic five-wire tying process and is capable of processing anything from two to twelve tonnes of waste an hour.

Trojan Auto 500 V5 Baler

Capable of processing a variety of different materials, including paper, cardboard, printing waste, foil, PET, hard plastics and tiling, the Trojan Auto 500 V5 Baler is a good all-rounder with a pressing force of 60 tonnes.

Trojan Auto 400 H3 Baler

A great investment for smaller operations, the Trojan Auto 400 H3 Baler benefits from a 45-tonne pressing capacity and is suitable for baling materials such as paper, cardboard, printing waste and foil.

Semi-automatic Horizontal Balers

RAMPACK Trojan XL 60 Balers

Capable of creating bales which weight up to 750kg, the Trojan XL 60 Baler is quiet and efficient. Full bales are ejected once complete.

RAMPACK Beast Baler

With future-proof capabilities, the Rampack Beast Baler is a machine that features three power settings and can be tailored to your business needs.

We will customise your baler to suit your operation – get in touch with us here at Mardon Recycling Machinery to find out more.

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