Discover a creative way to reuse your plastic bottles

If you type “creative ways to recycle your plastic bottles” into Google, so many hits come up. So many people have already thought about this. Pinterest and a range of other Blogspots are rife with ideas, simple and extravagant and though I don’t have any plastic bottles to upcycle right now, I intend to next time I acquire any!

From plastic bottle flowers, to LED lights, the possibilities are endless for what to do with your recycled bottles. You can make plant pots, Christmas trees, even chandeliers.

I’m  sure  you  all  know  that  plastic  is  one  of  the  most  popular  and  useful  materials  in contemporary  society.  Nearly  everything  is  made  of,  encased  in  or  covered  by  plastic. Its ceaseless popularity is part of the problem: we now use about 20 times more plastic than we did 50 years ago. But the thing is, with so many creative options out there we can optimise the lifespan of plastics by reusing and recycling items as many times as possible, and not just by chucking them in the recycling bin.

I think what is important is that so many people all over the world are jumping on this and going for it with gusto.

Design Rulz website: is one such pioneer. In a particularly interesting article, blog, whatever it may be, they pose the question: are you a fan of sustainable design? Well surely we are, and one such lesson is that plastic bottles are indeed a form of sustainable design.

One such designer, Michelle Brand “designed an aesthetic curtain most people would perceive to be waste or rubbish. The fabric is composed of plastic drinks bottle bases, which have been cut, sanded and then tagged together. When asked what kind of special material and craft she

applied  in her designs, she answered: “I use plastic drinks bottles in my designs. It is so much more  challenging to use an existing shape and material. My inspiration came from my method of enquiry  about  plastic  as a material. I deconstructed the material, rather than asked, “what can I make from plastic bottles?”. I applied my creative design, maker, and artistic skills to transform the overlooked into the beautiful. I would like to think that my designs are the Sex in the City of the reuse world!



Isn’t it beautiful?

And I’m not saying you should go out there and instantly become a champion of sustainable design  and  turn  every  plastic  bottle  you come across into a sculpture or a lamp, but I am saying it’s possible, and in fact, really fun. To start with, why not cut the tops off and use some glass paint to colour some plastic bottles to assemble together as a swanky new newspaper rack? The kids will love it (and the big kid inside me loves it too).



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