Check out our refurbished and bespoke static compactor for one of our major clients!

Mardon Compactors 1 Believe it or not, the static compactor pictured here, was once a run down compactor which has been transformed, by our amazing team of workshop engineers, from a well-used machine to a smart looking, fully functional, fast and reliable compactor which has been customised to exactly fit our customers site and requirements.

Our engineers have tested and replaced components to ensure this beautifully restored compactor is in peak condition. They have also built a tailor made hopper, which has been added to the original machine, made to meet the precise specifications of our customers’ needs.

The newly designed photo cell circuit allows autonomous operations giving it the freedom to act independently.

Complete with a fresh paint job this static compactor is now ready to go into action, helping another satisfied customer keep on top of their waste! So if your compactor or baler needs a upgrade get in touch.

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