Cardboard Balers – Things to consider

You may or may not be aware but all of our range of balers are able to bale cardboard so the real question is, which baler is most beneficial to your particular business? Well, this depends on a range of factors but the main question when deciding which cardboard baler is the best fit for you is – “what do you want achieve from your waste management”?

Business’s with small volumes and just want to reduce the amount of recyclable cardboard they send to landfill then any machine from our 40 to a 200 will do this job for them. On the other hand, if a business has greater volumes and wants to receive revenue for their cardboard then any machine from a 400 right up to our semi and fully automatic machines can be used, it all depends on the volumes.

Please find below a few examples of our cardboard balers:

400’s being delivered to Homebase

Cardboard Balers – Things to consider









Cardboard Balers – Things to consider 1









Rampack triple chamber 200 on its way a waste management customer.

Cardboard Balers – Things to consider 2











Rampack 500 with ” Guillotine” door installed at automotive supply chain business.

Cardboard Balers – Things to consider 3









Trojan 60XL’s both supplied to Skip Hire companies with a large amounts of cardboard and required machines which were able reduce the labour costs.


Cardboard Balers – Things to consider 4









Trojan 600V5 45KW installed at well-known high street bargain shopping store’s distribution centre who produce a significant amount of cardboard and needed a system which was able cope with low labour costs.

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