The Benefits of Renting a Waste Baler

Many businesses up and down the country now understand the importance of recycling and managing the levels of waste produced. This has resulted in more and more businesses looking at ways to effectively deal with their waste.

What is a Waste Baler?

A waste baler will bundle together recyclable materials ready to be sent onto a recycling company, many of which will pay you for the privilege of taking away your waste!

They come in a wide range of sizes from compact pieces of equipment that can be used by a single person, right up to large almost industrial balers which can be used on a significant volume of waste.

What are the Benefits of a Waste Baler?

It can increase the amount that you recycle – If something is easier for us, then there is a good chance we will do it more often. This is true for recycling and disposing of waste. Using a baler means that it’s never been simpler or quicker to recycle, encouraging you to do it even more often.

It gives you a tidier and cleaner working environment – As waste that has been baled is smaller, you will feel the benefit of a cleaner and tidier working environment. In turn, this will improve your H&S by reducing fire risk, trip hazards, and vermin to name but a few. Something that everyone can benefit from.

It can reduce your costs – Using one of our fully automatic balers can greatly reduce your labour costs and free your staff up to work on other business requirements.

You will become more environmentally friendly – Distributing baled material uses much less fuel due to reduced number of trips needed, therefore helping to create a sustainable future and reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Rent a Waste Baler?

So, now you know that a baler can be a great addition to any business which produces waste, you may wonder whether it is better to rent or buy the equipment.

We think that for many businesses, renting a baler is a better option; and here is why

You can get modern equipment

If you buy your baling or compacting equipment, then you may end up purchasing a lower quality model to save money. Our rental equipment our new machines and our rental agreements include full maintenance within the price, meaning you have nothing to worry about as we keep the machines in tip top condition.

It can save you money

It can be costly to buy baling equipment outright and a burden on your cash flow in one lump sum. By renting from Mardon, you can spread the cost evenly throughout the term of the agreement which allows you to budget your cash flow easily.

Renting reduces your tax bill

The monthly rental payments are a tax deductable expense which comes off your profit and loss account, meaning less tax to pay. Speak to your accountant for advice on your businesses tax benefits of renting.

It gives you a chance to try out the equipment

You may not be sure whether buying a baler is going to be the right choice for your business in the long term and you may be uncertain about investing a large sum initially. By renting a baler, you can see whether it works for your business and see the cost saving opportunities it gives you!

So, to look at a range of rental and outright purchase packages available why not look at Mardon Balers website or give us a call? We have a wide range of options to consider as well as stock equipment and packages that suit a range of different needs. We also have a stock of second-hand equipment available for shorter term hires.

We can also give you advice on what would be best-suited machinery to you and your requirements, so get in touch on 01769 572191 or complete our online form and see how you can transform your waste use and disposal in your business.

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