Mardon Recycling’s latest installation for DHL Homebase

Below is one of our new 70 tonne Beast Balers, on its way to a major high street distribution centre – DHL Homebase

70 tonne Beast Balers

After carrying out a full survey on two of DHL Homebase’s distribution centres the Beast baler was recommended as the perfect solution along with 4 x New Rampack 400 balers. Our recommendation of the Beast baler was based on its capacity to handle large volumes of cardboard/ plastic, its switchable pressures and “easy tie” system.

The XL BEAST is a super powerful ‘future proof’ wire-tie semi-automatic Mill-Size baler

The Beast Baler is a super powerful ‘future proof’ wire-tie semi-automatic Mill-Size baler that is ready for anything! It features 3 x power settings from 50-ton to 70-ton meaning it will handle a wide variety of materials including: Cardboard, Rigid Plastics, PET Bottles etc…

RAMPACK 400 – Producing MILL-SIZE Bales

Our Rampack 400 balers are powerful units and have an auto-eject system and exerts evenly applied pressure via TWIN-RAMS, turning your recyclable material into ‘wire-tied’ MILL-SIZE BALES of up to 500kg – optimising rebate values and greatly reducing waste disposal costs.

If you are looking to purchase or lease balers or compactors, please contact a member of the Mardon Recycling team on 0800 587 3028 and claim your free waste survey!

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